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Since always spices form integral part of the khmer food. An incredible alliance of the savour and the color of natural spices reveal all the charm of the khmer food. Find in our range of spices: the famous white and black pepper of Kampot (-acknowledged to be one of the best in the world), the chilli, ginger, cinnamon, lemon-grass, curry powder, powder of lotus, lmit (turmeric Khmer) and our last creation to season your amok.

SPA collection

Enjoy a bit of “ME time” Senteurs d’Angkor accompany you on the way of relaxation and on ease.

Candle, home perfume, incenses

Create a unique ambience with our line of fragrances for the home : scented candles, incense and home perfume.


Our soaps are made in a craft way in our soap factory to a traditional technique of manufacture. They are worked out from exclusively plant oils and from components 100 % natural.

Tea and coffee

In Asia, tea is traditionally used for its taste as well as its numerous curative virtues. Our coffee grows in the hills of Rattanakiri Province in the northeast of Cambodia. Coffee lovers will appreciate the special aroma of this strong and tasty coffee.


Our "delicatessen" corner offers you some local softness: brandy, honey, cashew nuts and sugar palm...

And others products...

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